It’s a tough week and you’ve got $25.00 to spend at the grocery store. It’s enough to make anyone throw their arms up and give up in frustration, but with just a little planning it can be done. I’ve done it many times. Here is a list that clocks in at just $24.50. You won’t be eating like a king, and the nutritional value is not high, but you’ll be eating, and that’s the goal for this tip.

The list is based on average grocery prices here in Ann Arbor, MI. This might be the $30.00 grocery list in some areas, and the $20.00 grocery list in others.

First the list:

1 gallon of Milk $3.00
1 lb. butter or margarine $3.00
1 loaf of bread $1.00
1 pkg. hot dog buns $1.00
1 lb. ground beef $3.00
1 pkg. hot dogs $1.00
2 lbs. dried beans $2.00
1 box of biscuit mix $1.00
1 lg. can of tomatoes $1.50
1 dozen eggs $1.50
1 bag frozen veggies $1.50
Fresh fruit (on sale) $2.00
1 pkg. egg noodles $1.00

Grand Total: $24.50

Preparation Ideas:

* Cook the 2 lbs. of dried beans and use the leftovers to make chili with the tomatoes and ground beef.
* Use the biscuit mix to make pancakes, waffles or (I know this one is a stretch) biscuits.
* Egg noodles for goulash with the tomatoes and ground beef, or simply top with melted butter and garlic.
* Scrambled eggs with sliced hot dogs for breakfast

Creativity is not bound to your grocery budget!

I’d love to hear some of your ideas on the $25.00 Grocery List. Maybe you have a list of your own you’d like to share.