Now Thats A FireI’ve found myself in need of a new backyard barbeque grill.  I recently moved and time was tight to get packed up and I had to say a very difficult goodbye to my electric outdoor Weber grill.  We had spent well over four years together, and had become very close.  The fact that she never once let me down made the farewell even more difficult.  I can only hope the new owners of my previous crib put her to good use.

Once I got settled into my new place I realized I am out of city limits and can heat with charcoal again, my preferred fuel source for grilling.  With the home budget as tight as ever I knew the decision making process was not going to be easy.  I have always been a believer in the idea that if you can only afford to buy the cheapest version of something, you can’t afford it.  Sometimes the cheapest version of something is fine, but when your decision making is limited to the most budget-friendly model you are unable to be objective.  Experience has taught me this usually leads to disappointment and some PoS model of something that either doesn’t work well or quits working in no time at all.  Grills are definitely this way, in my opinion.

Knowing it’s been a few years since I’ve purchased a grill, and wanting to make an informed decision, I began to Google.  I found the most incredible How-To-Buy article online and wanted to share it, in the event any of you are in a similar situation.  The article is linked below.   It’s expertly written and a lot of fun to read.  I learned a lot.  Most of all, however, I learned I want a Weber Gold One-Touch Kettle Grill, 22.5″ in blue.  And for $149.00 I think I’ll be able to order one next month.

How to Buy a Grill by Meathead

The snow has melted, the robins are back, and it’s time to recycle that old piece of junk out back and get serious about amping up your outdoor cooking chops. But an online search or a trip to the big box store can be daunting. There are too many grills to count, too many options. There are small disposable units for tailgating, and huge monsters that attach to your tailgate and have as many wheels as your SUV.