First Kitchen UtensilsBelow is a link to a wonderful article written by Laura Thomas for epicurious. 

This is the time of year when we are all heading to graduation parties and this article offers some wonderful gift suggestions. These suggestions are appropriate for anyone just starting out on their own.  Cooking isn’t just for graduates anymore!

I remember my first set of kitchen utensils.  Made up mostly of hand-me-downs, given with the kindest of intentions, many of them simply gathered dust in my kitchen gadget drawer.  I remember having three saucepans of varying size but my fry pan wasn’t large enough to brown one pound of ground  beef.  A wide selection of plastic stirring utensils (I think) of all shapes and colors, yet no wooden spoon.  Maybe if I had this list I could have been more prepared, and more organized from the beginning.  If that had been the case, however, I might not be sharing this Ms. Thomas’ article today.

Kitchen Essentials for the New Graduate
Launch a life of good cooking with the top tools and kitchenware to give or get

By Laura Thomas

If you or someone near and dear to you is heading off for the first year of college, moving off-campus, or venturing out into the world as a college grad, some basic kitchen gear—tools, pots, pans, plates, and more—makes an excellent and practical graduation gift. At this stage in life, bang for the buck is of utmost importance, and given that kitchen space can be at a premium (especially when shared with roommates), we did our best to track down the most affordable, durable, and well-designed kitchen essentials we could find. Read on for 21 kitchen basics to help you or your grad whip up some scrambled eggs, bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies, and throw a dinner party for friends.

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