Cooking Music PlaylistTwo of my favorite things are cooking and music.  I find it difficult to focus in the kitchen without music in my ears.  I usually throw together a random cooking playlist or load a previous evenings culinary musical selection.

I got to thinking about the music I choose and if it had any correlation to the type of food I was preparing.  I quickly came to realize there is either no correlation, or to find said connection would require some
Dr. Ian Malcolm level mathematics.  Since Dr. Malcolm has yet to answer any of my fanboy email I’m going with an absence of any attractors, strange or otherwise.

I thought I might share a short list of some of the more common songs that echo through the hallowed halls of my kitchen when I am gettin’ my culinary thang on.  I’d really be interested in what some of you folks listen to.  I’ve always found the best way to new music is through the recommendation of friends, so please share your playlists!   So onto my list…

Madness – Muse
Steal My Sunshine – Len
South Side – Moby & Gwen Stefani
Still Alive – Portal closing credits song (Jonathon Coulton)
Humpty Dance – Digital Underground

Mike’s comments:

What have you been listening to in your kitchen this week?